Hoy ha salido la revisión de lua-5.1.1 que arregla unos cuantos bugs. Este fue el mensaje de la lista:

Lua 5.1.1 is now available at

MD5 d2be2c2edc101e971c6e211c76c6b2fd –
SHA1 0018d4b6c911f0a1ce04fc126e2e5631990d7f92 –

This is a bug-fix release; it fixes all known bugs in Lua 5.1 (including
those in the manual). The manual in the site has also been fixed. Warm
thanks to all who tested Lua 5.1, reported bugs, or sent suggestions.

Please take a look before we freeze it; we may have missed something.
If all is well, we shall freeze it in a week or so.
All feedback is welcome, of course. Thanks.

En pocos días será oficial.

Update: , ahora rc2 🙂

Lua 5.1.1-rc2 is now available at

MD5 e955f96b0e6b0343ca3914a2cd613d13 –
SHA1 19dfc846321ce53d3cc14e37323b996cd61c4576 –

It contains an updated reference manual and also a solution to the 5.1 x
5.1.1 controversy, which we hope settles the question: lua.h now includes
a LUA_RELEASE with «5.1» while LUA_VERSION remains at «5.1».

Please take a look before we freeze it. All feedback welcome. Thanks.

Y ya van tres….

Lua 5.1.1-rc3 is now available at

MD5 127363466d19989d3b14f4ce8225febd –
SHA1 3a868f0b2aaac5f1c30d92a23093d121906eb287 –

Please take a look before we freeze it (which we hope will happen real soon).
All feedback welcome. Thanks.