Welcome to Codepixel’s planet

Written by on 11.05.2009 | codepixel, English

Just to start a new tag «codepixel» 🙂 The whole planet here

The Safe bool idiom.

Written by on 18.02.2009 | C/C++, English

This is something I came across reviewing the headers of OSG, it’s called the «safe bool idiom» and arises when we try to overload the bool operator of a class to make it part of boolean expressions… Of course this is wrong, let me spoil you a correct version of what should look like a […]

rsync, root and sudo

Written by on 07.02.2009 | English, linux/unix, recetas

Here is the thing, the other day I wanted to copy one subdirectory from one computer to another, I can not rely on scp because I needed root permissions, neither tar worked because there was symlinks, different file permissions and owners, and there wasn’t space enough to do it (of course, you can send the […]

from subversion to git

Written by on 26.11.2008 | English, git, recetas, subversion

Recently I’ve been playing with git and I found it fascinating!, for those that still don’t know what it is, git is a really fast distributed revision control system (wikipedia). Now the problem is how to switch from subversion to git, fortunately git-svn helps a lot and we can play with git and subversion in […]